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    International & Grocery

    Our grocery selection includes tasty items from all around the world. We feature products from all over the world and are always looking for rare and eclectic flavors to keep our market special, without overlooking the bounty of wonderful products at our fingertips. Gorilla Market works with local chefs, bakeries, producers and business owners to bring you the most delicious provisions Niseko and Hokkaido has to offer.

    Meat & Seafood

    Gorilla Market partners with local suppliers to provide quality meats sources from Hokkaido, domestic and internationally. We provide a tasty variety of pre-seasoned, ready-to-cook meats including delicious, flavourful kabobs. If you need something special, let us know; we will get it for you to meet your specifications.

    Fresh Produce

    We offer a complete selection of produce for our international customers. You will find the fresh fruits and vegetables locally and domestically sourced, plus many hard-to-find specialties such as fresh herbs, Hokkaido’s famous snow-stored potatoes and carrots.

    Cheese & Dairy

    At Gorilla Market you'll find a vast collection of delicious dairy products. Our cheese selection ranges from local to international. Our generous selection includes a wide variety, cut and wrapped in convenient sizes.

    Wine, Sake, Japanese Craft Beer

    To complete your enjoyable holiday, we have vast selections of wine from all over the world from top-end to everyday needs. We offer regular sake tasting to introduce our customers the difference of sake types, how to enjoy it (chilled or warm). Discover the new trend of craft beer made all over Japan, from dark to pale and seasonal specials!